This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: diabetes risk variant uncovered in Mexicans and Latin Americans, cervical carcinoma mutations, and more.

Fred Flintstone's Genome?

Will next year see the first million-year-old genome?

Chat Away

PubMed Commons enters a new phase as comments become publicly visible.

This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week: Hydra PIWI proteins, ribosome mapping in hypoxic conditions, and more.

Jolie's Genes, Baffled Public

Angelina Jolie sought to raise awareness about genetics and breast cancer; did she succeed?

John Cornforth Dies

John Cornforth, who shared the 1975 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has died.

Where Does the Data Go?

A study finds that datasets can quickly become inaccessible to researchers.

This Week in PLOS

In PLOS this week: fecal microbiome of polyp patients, RNA silencing at cold temperatures, and more.

Sliding a Little

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government survey shows that government agencies, especially the National Institutes of Health, are slipping in the rankings.

Make a Mark

Nature lists the top 10 people who mattered in science in 2013.

Take It Down

Publishing company Elsevier has issued a number of takedown notices to and universities.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: the Amborella nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, and more

Janet Rowley Dies

Cancer geneticist Janet Rowley has died.