The Daily Scan - Page 24

Next for the Job

Randal Mills is to be the next president and CEO of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: next-generation CRISPR-based gene-editing platform, and more.

The Circle Widens

In the wake of the investigation of Riken stem cell scientist Haruko Obokata, more researchers apologize.

What You Eat

A small study indicates that a mother's diet around the time of conception can influence the epigenome of her child.

The Gene Nursery

Carl Zimmer explores where genes come from in the New York Times.

This Week in Genome Research

In Genome Research this week: genome architecture variation in fruit flies, supercentenarian genome, and more.

'Magical' Gene Expression Tests

Gene expression profiling tests could save many people from needless chemo, but do patients understand what these tests do?

The Whooping Cough Family

Using whole-genome sequencing, researchers trace the origins of Bordetella pertussis to about 500 years ago.

So Much Data

The New York Times looks at the growth of the Personal Genome Project.

This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week: 1918 flu virus analysis, single-cell transcriptome sequencing, and more.

Limits of Curiosity

Svante Pääbo writes in the New York Times that Neanderthals shouldn't be resurrected.

Douglas Coleman Dies

Douglas Coleman, whose work uncovered a role for genetics in obesity, has died.

The Unanswered Email

By sending out identical emails, except for the senders' names, researchers found that faculty were more responsive to prospective white male doctoral students.