HHS Secretary Steps Down

Kathleen Sebelius has resigned as the secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Thanks for the New Phobia

Researchers have inserted DNA-based nanorobots into cockroaches.

Not So Much of a Change

At Forbes, Matthew Herper gives his view of the biotech boom.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: chemogenomic fitness signatures, and more.

Apologies and an Appeal

Haruko Obokata, the Riken stem cell researcher, apologizes for errors and appeals findings of misconduct.

Health Preview

GenePeeks is offering a glimpse into the genetic health of potential embryos.

Drawing on Patient Experience

Genentech signs an agreement to gain access to data from PatientsLikeMe.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: tunable genetic circuits, and more.

Big Data Bummers

Excitement about big data is in fever pitch, but expectations may need tempering.

EU Eyes Genetic Test Regulation

ESHG says a proposal to regulate genetic testing in Europe is a burdensome and unworkable overreach.

This Week in Cell

In Cell this week: modelling cancer progression, chromosomal rearrangement, and proteins in cancer.

Glass Diagnostics

Google Glass could speed up diagnostic testing in the field.

GINA Not Enough?

In a post-GINA world, some people still fear genetic tests due to insurance repercussions.