It's a Good Thing

Retractions are a sign of integrity, argues the University of Montreal's Daniele Fanelli.

Wider Examination

Riken is scouring some 20,000 journal articles for evidence of image manipulation or plagiarism.

This Week in PLOS

In PLOS this week: differentially expressed genes in ulcerative colitis, conserved Trypanosoma cruzi sequences, and more.

Scientist or Bureaucrat?

The National Science Board says government-required paperwork is turning scientists into bureaucrats.

New Science Society Members

The UK Royal Society announces its new members, as does the US National Academy of Sciences.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: deep-sea viral genomes, and more.

Don't Forget About These Guys

Researchers urge a less anthropocentric approach to selecting organisms for sequencing.

Where in the World

Genographic Consortium researchers present a new algorithm to infer to where people may trace their origins.

Next for the Job

Randal Mills is to be the next president and CEO of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: next-generation CRISPR-based gene-editing platform, and more.

The Circle Widens

In the wake of the investigation of Riken stem cell scientist Haruko Obokata, more researchers apologize.

What You Eat

A small study indicates that a mother's diet around the time of conception can influence the epigenome of her child.

The Gene Nursery

Carl Zimmer explores where genes come from in the New York Times.