The Daily Scan - Page 16

The Innovation Economy

What should the US government do to spur and nourish an innovation economy?

Who Needs Sleep?

Researchers tie a gene variant to needing less sleep.

And From the Other Side

A senator introduces a competing science funding bill.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: CRISPR/Cas9 used to generate cancer model, and more.

Warnings and Withdrawals

A new analysis indicated that more recently approved drugs are more likely to receive black box warnings or be withdrawn from the market.

The Slight Difference

Epigenetics may hold the key to how modern humans and ancient Neanderthals had such similar genomes, but different attributes.

This Week in Nucleic Acids Research

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: SpliceNet, role of miRNAs in the regulation of embryonic stem cells, and more.

Doing It Themselves

A patient advocacy group has submitted a draft guidance to FDA for drug development for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Yoshiki Sasai Dies

Stem cell researcher Yoshiki Sasai has died.

Web Portal to Papers

The US Department of Energy unveils its open access plan.

This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week: genes and pathways linked to congenital diaphragmatic hernia, microRNAs associated with liver damage, and more.

Mycoplasma, Mycoplasma Everywhere

According to a new estimate, 11 percent of cell cultures may be contaminated with mycoplasma.

Fine Balance

An editorial in the Observer praises the UK's 100,000 Genomes Project but cautions that patient data must be handled properly.