UK Spares Research

The UK plans to protect science funding in next year's budget.

My Kingdom for My Genomic Sequence

A year after his remains, found underneath a parking lot, were confirmed, England's last king to be killed in battle is about to have his genome sequenced.

Happy Darwin Day 2014

Charles Darwin was born 205 years ago, and groups around the world are celebrating his birthday.

Limiting Effect

The Swiss referendum on immigration may affect research in the country.

This Week in Cell

In Cell this week: computational strategy to find T2D variants, cell differentiation mechanisms, and more.

Innovative Genomics

BGI makes FastCompany's list of innovative companies.

The World Inside

The gut microbiome may allow a peek into health and suggest ways to keep people healthy.

'Reduce, Replace, and Refine'

British ministers say they aim to limit the number of animals used in scientific research.

This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week: gene splicing in a zebrafish, gene signature to distinguish bladder cancer types, and more.

Public Split on Gene Tests

Some people are wary of gene-based cancer risk tests, while others are ready to base preventive medicine decisions on their results.

Genetic Search for Future Champs

Uzbekistan says it will be turning to genetic testing to identify children with athletic potential.

Studying for Someday Soon

The US National Institutes of Health prepares for newborn sequencing.

This Week in PLOS

In PLOS this week: gene expression in salmon pathogen, tissue-specific expression in nematodes, and more.