Cancer Minute - Page 9

Breast Cancer: Night Stalker

Working the night shift may be detrimental to women's health, one study suggests.

This Week in Cancer Discovery

In Cancer Discovery this week: MEK1 exon 3 mutations in V660E/KBRAF melanomas, and more.

X Marks the Spot

Sometimes, it pays to have two X chromosomes.

This Week in Cancer Cell

In Cancer Cell this week: neural stem cell population in disparate brain tumors, S1PR1-STAT3 signaling in myeloid cell colonization, and more.

From Schizophrenia to Cancer

A new study suggests that an antipsychotic drug has an effect on cancer stem cells.

This Week in BMC Cancer

In BMC Cancer this week: emmprin in endometrial cancer, erythropoietin receptor expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma, and more.

Starve the Beast

Researchers present a new picture of how cancer cells eat and proliferate.

This Week in the Medical Journals

In the medical journals this week: VEGF pathway genetic variants, and more.

Kids' Play

A 15-year-old high school student's innovation may hold the key to early discovery of pancreatic cancer.

This Week in Clinical Cancer Research

In Clinical Cancer Research this week: AIB1:ERα transcriptional activity in breast cancer cells, RRM1 gene expression in adrenocortical cancer, and more.

A Negative for PSA Test

The US Preventive Services Task Force isn't convinced that PSA testing accurately assesses prostate cancer risk.

This Week in Cancer Research

In Cancer Research this week: a marker of poor prognosis in breast cancer, gene perturbation in metastatic serous epithelial ovarian cancer, and more.

Chromatin Complexity

A study provides a new perspective on how chromatin remodeling affects cancer development.