Cancer Minute - Page 6

A PSA Replacement?

FDA has approved a new diagnostic test for prostate cancer.

This Week in Cancer Cell

In Cancer Cell this week: exploiting synthetic lethality to treat ABC diffuse large B cell lymphoma, inactivation of CYLD in hepatocytes, and more.

Two Words You Never Want to See Together

A new study finds commonalities between cancer and prion-related conditions like Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

This Week in BMC Cancer

In BMC Cancer this week: BLU inhibits proliferation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, hornerin in functional in breast cells, and more.

Wash Your Hands

The Fusobacterium nucleatum has been implicated in colorectal cancer.

This Week in the Medical Journals

In the medical journals this week: colorectal cancer incidence and mortality with screening, risk for genital carcinogenic HPV infection in women, and more.

Never Ending

Cancer's resistance to treatment will always be a problem, researchers say.

This Week in Clinical Cancer Research

In Clinical Cancer Research this week: a novel prognostic factor for gallbladder cancer, profiling the telomeric architecture of myelodysplastic syndromes, and more.

More and More Complex

A new study describes novel drivers of various breast cancer subtypes.

This Week in Cancer Research

In Cancer Research this week: P2X7 expression increases tumor growth, cell-mediated autophagy promotes cancer cell survival, and more.

Is That How it Works?

Metformin may kill cancer stem cells, researchers say.

This Week in the British Journal of Cancer

In the British Journal of Cancer this week: methods for detecting KRAS mutations in FFPE cancer samples, a prognostic model for liver cancer, and more.

More General

Researchers at UCSF are taking a different approach to targeted cancer therapy.