Cancer Minute - Page 5

This Week in the Medical Journals

In the medical journals this week: glycine and cancer cell proliferation, and more.

Outmaneuvering Resistance

Scientists are working to understand the role of the tumor microenvironment in cases of resistance to RAF inhibitors.

This Week in Clinical Cancer Research

In Clinical Cancer Research this week: a meta-analysis of mouse and human medulloblastoma gene expression data, and more.

SNPs Show Size May Matter

Researchers from 23andMe report on seven SNPs that are significantly associated with breast size, two of which are in linkage disequilibrium with breast cancer-associated SNPs.

This Week in the British Journal of Cancer

In the British Journal of Cancer this week: detecting circulating tumor cells in gynecological cancer samples, and more.

To Stop the Spread

In an RNA-seq-based study, researchers identify a potential role for WNT signaling in cancer metastasis.

This Week in BMC Cancer

In BMC Cancer this week: 3D structure of the candidate oncogene GIG47, and more.

Another Problem

HPV is implicated in another kind of cancer.

This Week in the Medical Journals

In the Medical Journals this week: long-term survival in children with favorable-risk Hodgkin lymphoma, the anti-PD-1 antibody in patients with advanced cancer, and more.

The 'Death Carrot'

Researchers take inspiration from a plant to engineer new cancer cell-targeting drugs.

This Week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute this week: risk of non-melanoma cancers in relatives of CDKN2A mutation carriers, and more.

No Sweets for Cancer Cells

A new study examines how cancer cells metabolize glucose.

This Week in Cancer Discovery

In Cancer Discovery this week: first-in-human trial of a STAT3 decoy oligonucleotide, outgrowth of micrometastases, and more.