Cancer Minute - Page 3

This Week in Cancer Discovery

In Cancer Discovery this week: a multicellular stromal program in tumor tissue, regulating prostate cancer cell proliferation, and more.

It Only Takes a Few

Acute myeloid leukemia owes its existence to a small number of mutated genes, a new study finds.

This Week in Cancer Cell

In Cancer Cell this week: inhibition of RNA polymerase I as a therapeutic strategy in human cancers, proapoptotic activation of death receptor 5, and more.

Elucidating Medulloblastoma

A new study details subtype-specific somatic mutations for a common form of childhood brain cancer.

This Week in BMC Cancer

In BMC Cancer this week: genome-wide expression profiling of renal cell carcinoma, tumor-associated macrophages in breast cancer, and more.

Fight the Resistance

Researchers are using combination therapies to get around Herceptin resistance.

This Week in the Medical Journals

In the medical journals this week: prostatectomy versus observation for prostate cancer, circulating tumor cells in non-metastatic breast cancer, and more.

The Conspirator

A new study shows that cancer uses a certain enzyme in the body to evade the immune system.

This Week in Clinical Cancer Research

In Clinical Cancer Research this week: tumor-associated macrophages in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma, resistance to TRAIL in gastric cancer, and more.

All for One

A new study clarifies similarities between colon and rectal cancers.

This Week in Cancer Research

In Cancer Research this week: Fra-1 in breast cancer chemosensitivity, miRNA-708 control of CD44+ prostate cancer-initiating cells, and more.

All the Tea

Researchers are mixing tea and irradiated gold to kill prostate cancer cells.

This Week in the British Journal of Cancer

In the British Journal of Cancer this week: KRAS mutations in primary and metastatic colorectal cancer tumors, ATR inhibition in radiation-resistant tumor cells, and more.