Cancer Minute - Page 12

This Week in NEJM

In NEJM this week: treatment strategies for thyroid cancer, combination chemotherapy for adrenocortical carcinoma, and more.

Where Cancer Genomes Gather

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have built a home for cancer genomes.

This Week in JAMA

In JAMA this week: researchers compare the effects of various treatments on the survival of older women with invasive breast cancer.

A New Marker for Breast Cancer

Researchers have identified what could be a new biomarker of breast cancer risk.

This Week in the British Journal of Cancer

In the British Journal of Cancer this week: markers for outcome in colorectal cancer patients, mitochondrial mutations in breast cancer development, and more.

Make it Stop!

A new study sheds light on the nature of pancreatic cancer, and the drugs that may be able to stop it.

This Week in BMC Cancer

In BMC Cancer this week: a copper compound induces apoptosis in glioma cells, and more.

Something Old to Something New

Researchers are reaching into the past to find new cancer treatments.

This Week in Cancer Cell

In Cancer Cell this week: targeting non-classic oncogenes to treat T-ALL, and more.

More Fiber!

A new study shows a diet high in dietary starch can lower bowel cancer risk.

This Week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute this week: 10-year risk of diagnostic mammograms and invasive breast surgery, therapeutic potential of EpCAM antibodies in various cancers, and more.

Will You Do it for Cash?

A foundation has come up with a possible solution to a major problem.

This Week in Lancet Oncology

In Lancet Oncology this week: gefitinib as a maintenance therapy for lung cancer, and more.