Search for the Cause

Doggedness, genome sequencing, and the Internet were able to bring together children with a certain genetic disorder and their families.

Scripps' Marletta to Resign

The Scripps Research Institute president is to step down.

This Week in Genome Research

In Genome Research this week: characterization of pests from the Eimeria genus, chondrosarcoma mutations, and more.

World-changing Gene Drives

Gene drives are closer to reality, but regulations may need to jump ahead of the technology, scientists say.

Be Gone

Researchers report using CRISPR/Cas9 to edit latent HIV infections out of cells.

The 'Maze' of Schizophrenia Genes

An international group of researchers links more than 100 loci to schizophrenia risk.

This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week: rare variants for Noonan syndrome, cyanobacterium without photosynthesis genes, and more.

Marrett To Leave NSF

Cora Marrett is stepping down as deputy director of the US National Science Foundation.

The Algal Way

The US Department of Energy awards funding for algal-based biofuels.

This Week in PLOS

In PLOS this week: exome data and pharmacological response profiles of cancer cell lines, and more.

Just Needs Tenants

In-fighting has delayed a project aimed at luring biotech to New York City, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the situation may now be improving.

The Sound of Inevitability

Speakers at MedCity's Converge conference say personalized medicine is on its way.

Corruption as Growth Side Effect

A Chinese anti-corruption organization focuses on science institutes.