Shaming Fraud

Is publicly calling out fraudulent papers the best way to get publishers to take action?

Grant Breakdown

A researcher opened his books to show how his NIH grant spending breaks down.

Direct-to-Confusion Genomics

A writer's foray into DTC genomics services yields confusing results.

This Week in PLOS

In PLOS this week; isolation and telomere length, drug response genes, and immunoglobin enhancers.

Mining Barriers

A European Commission report says copyright changes would free up text and data miners.

DARPA's Biology Division

The experimental science agency is creating a division to focus on biology initiatives.

Pharmacogenomics' Global Failure

Pharmacogenomics research has neglected rare, tropical, and orphan diseases that affect the underdeveloped world.

Getting the Most Out of It

Researchers present a way to make plants easier to break down for biofuel use.

The Other Hominins

Svante Pääbo discusses ancient genomes and more.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: optogenic and embryonic stem cell-based approach to regenerative medicine, and more.

Working on It

23andMe says it is working with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Cloud-hacking Bioterrorists?

Do big data research programs open vulnerabilities to hackers developing bioweapons?

Maybe? Then Again, Maybe Not

A researcher says he may haven gotten the STAP protocol to work, but skepticism remains.