Monkey Engineering

A team of researchers used genome editing to modify monkeys.

Gut Diversity

Microbiome research seeks diversity, Ed Yong writes.

Decline of Chimp Research

Merck says it is ending its chimpanzee-based research.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: Neandertal genes in modern humans, and more.

New Way to Begin Again

Researchers herald new method for reprogramming cells.

Prize for Histones

One of this year's winners of the Japan Prize is Rockefeller University's David Allis.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: Neandertal genes in non-African modern humans, and more.

Stay in the Game

US President Barack Obama touched on science and research in his State of the Union speech last night.

'Genomics for Judges'

The Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois hosted a seminar to prepare judges to handle legal questions involving DNA sequencing and related technologies.

The Promise of CRISPR

CRISPR is making genome editing easier and could lead to new treatments for disease, New Scientist reports.

This Week in Genome Biology

In Genome Biology this week: fig wasp genome, light-regulated alternative splicing in moss, and more.

NIH Seeks Reproducibility

NIH is taking small steps to address the "complex" problem of irreproducible results.

RNAi on the Farm

RNAi is being developed as an agricultural pesticide, but some caution that it could have unintended effects.