This Week in PNAS

Inflammatory genes, diabetes risk mutations, squirrel defenses.

Investment Boom

A venture capital surge pours investments into the life sciences.

This Week in PLOS

Lizard tails, the vaginal microbiome, and the tsetse genome.

Twin Town

A small city's twins lure scientists.

When More is Less

As ecological studies grow in complexity, they may explain less.

Genealogical Facebook?

As consumer genomics expands, genetic genealogy also gains ground.

What If It Can't Be Stopped?

A study suggests that cancer might be a fact of metazoan life.

California Testing

Is California's Medi-Cal system behind the times on genetic tests?

This Week in Science

In Science this week: Brassica napus genome, and more.

What About the Science?

Researchers in Argentina are worried about how the country's financial straits will affect them.

Hyping the Microbiome

The human microbiome has fueled a lot of hype, and maybe not for the best.

Making the Most

NIH Director Francis Collins discusses making the most of a tight budget.

The One to Beat

Forbes' Matthew Herper profiles Jay Flatley, the company, and the field he pushed to new heights.