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Leigh Anderson at MSACL 2012 Part I

This is part one of a conversation with Leigh Anderson, CEO of SISCAPA Assay Technologies, at the Mass Spectrometry Applications to the Clinical Laboratory 2012 meeting in San Diego, California.

AGBT 2012 Part II

This video from AGBT 2012 includes comments from Washington University's Elaine Mardis and Baylor College of Medicine's Donna Muzny — among others — on clinical applications of emerging sequencing technologies, desktop sequencing, and more.

Tri-Con 2012

We caught up with Harry Glorikian, founder and managing partner at Scientia Advisors, at this year's Tri-Con 2012 in San Francisco, California. Glorikian provides his views on current challenges for molecular diagnostics developers, sequencing in the clinic, clinical decision support systems, and more.

AGBT 2012 Part 1

In Sequence and Clinical Sequencing News editor Julia Karow gets reactions from attendees at this year's Advances in Genome Biology & Technology meeting in Marco Island, Florida.


Genome Technology's Tracy Vence interviewed Sandra Porter, president of Digital World Biology, and Kristi Holmes, a bioinformaticist at the Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine at ScienceOnline2012 .

Mass Spec at NYU

We visited the NYU Protein Analysis Facility at the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine in New York City and discussed the facility's gear and its development with director, Thomas Neubert.

Highlights from SC11 Part III

This clip features Virginia Tech's Wu Feng on "green HPC" and GPU computing for life sciences, PSC's Philip Blood on the Blacklight supercomputer.