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Winning Westerns: Tips and Techniques for Improved Western Blotting Workflows
Mon, 07/28/2014 - 14:40
Western blotting is a powerful and sensitive technique used to detect low amounts of proteins in complex samples, or to monitor protein expression and purification by protein blotting and immunodetection. Difficulties with this technique arise from poor protein transfer and antibody performance, both complicated and critical parts to the procedure, but completely optimizable with some key knowledge on membrane and antibody mechanics. Please view this online seminar, recorded Nov. 5, to gain more technical insight on the science and optimization of Western blotting.

The first speaker, Dr. Tim Nadler, is a Western blot veteran. Running hundreds of Western blots per year and assisting with customer technical issues, his group has amassed a wealth of information on this technique. In his presentation, he shares some tips and techniques that may enhance your current capabilities to run "Winning Westerns."

Following his talk, Dr. Natalie Tronson discusses how the use of optimal detection reagents and systems has enabled her to speed up her Western blotting workflow.