Careers - Page 9

The Author List Challenge

Guidelines and other criteria can help to quell disagreements over who should be a paper's author.

Inside Tips on NIH Funding

Former NIGMS Director Jeremy Berg shares some advice on obtaining NIH grants.

Online Mentorship for STEM Women

A program aims to mentor women in college interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

'Bring Some Data'

A blogger has advice for graduate students doing lab rotations.

Prior Planning and All That

Individual development plans may help prepare science graduate students and postdocs for their career goals.

The Optimism of a Science PhD

In an essay, a graduate student writes that science PhDs are doing well, but a blogger isn't so sure.

While The Getting's Not So Good

A blogger shares tips on snagging funding.

State of Unease

A Nature survey finds that while researchers like their jobs, they have concerns about the future.

About the Paperwork

A blogger wonders whether a PhD trains people to run a lab.

So Many Mouths

NIH's Sally Rockey looks into whether the increase in grant applications is due to PIs submitting more applications or more researchers applying for grants.

Be Noticed

An editor outlines tips aimed at early-career researchers for proper international résumé/CV prep.

Break it Down

A blogger asks: 'How much does it cost to run an academic lab?'

They Go Together

In a new report, researchers discuss how dual-career hiring can help retain female academics.