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Getting There, Part I: Top Traits

With many institutions on indefinite hiring freezes, it's tough time to land a faculty position in academia. Here, experts discuss tips for beating the odds and being hired as an assistant professor. [More.]

'Fun' Becomes 'Hard'

The New York Times examines why the university-level STEM attrition rate is on the rise.

Face Time, Dead-End Projects, and Success

A blogger shares tips for achieving success in graduate school.

Taking Their STEM Skills Elsewhere

A new report shows that grads with STEM skills are in high demand outside of those fields.

Trim or 'Fatten' the Pyramid?

A blogger summarizes a recent discussion on the academic research workforce.

Right to Reorder?

A blogger considers whether it's acceptable for co-first authors to rearrange paper bylines on their CVs.

Childhood Anecdotes (and Other Clichés to Avoid)

A blogger shares tips for writing a personal statement for grad school.

'You're the Expert'

A blogger offers up thesis-writing tips.

Postdoc Practicalities

One blogger shares tips related to searching for and applying to postdoc positions.

STEM Degrees as Stepping Stones

The New York Times Economix blog examines 'the rising value of a science degree.'

'Figure it Out'

One blogger says universities ought to teach new faculty fundamental skills for success.

A Clear Path

A biotech patent attorney says many scientists are unknowingly suited for careers in IP.

Pre-Bac to Senior Scientists

NIH OER Director Sally Rockey discusses trends in the agency's career development award funding.