Begin with the End

A blogger says it's best to start with the results and discussion sections when writing a manuscript.

Alternative Outlets

A blogger highlights ways postdocs can produce peer-reviewed papers other than by publishing in high-impact journals.

Crafty Cards

The art of business cards for scientists.

On Raises and Rights

A survey shows that PhD students and junior researchers across the EU are largely unaware of their employment rights.

NIH Names 10 Recipients of Director's Early Independence Awards

The National Institutes of Health Director's Early Independence Award program enables young investigators to skip postdoctoral training and get a head-start on their independent research careers. [More.]

'Statement of Support'

Higher ed leaders from 16 countries agree to strengthen students' 'pathways from graduate school to careers.'

You're the Boss

It takes more than technical skills to be a successful self-employed scientists.

Obama Honors 94 Early-Career Scientists, Engineers for their 'Innovative Research'

US President Barack Obama named 94 researchers recipients of Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers this week. [More.]

'Work-Life Effectiveness'

In a discussion following NSF and the White House's joint announcement of a family-friendly initiative, panelists emphasize that legislation is an important first step.

White House, NSF Launch 'Career-Life Balance Initiative'

Officials at the White House and the National Science Foundation announced a 10-year plan to enhance flexibility for men and women in research careers. [More.]

Outside of Academia: April Effort, Technology Development

In technology development, April Effort helps academic researchers refine raw ideas into inventions that suit industry investors. [More.]

'Everything Is a Negotiation'

Panelists discuss successfully navigating negotiations — from start-up packages to equipment-sharing — in a session devoted to women in academic research. [More.]

Enrollment, Economy 'Both Down'

According to the Council of Graduate Schools, new student enrollment at US graduate schools dipped 1.1 percent from 2009 to 2010.