Careers - Page 20

NHGRI's Early Independents

NHGRI profiles Pathway to Independence Award winners it supports.

New NIH FCOI Regs: What You 'Need to Know'

In a Webcast, NIH OER addressed 'what grantees need to know about the revised FCOI regulations.'

'Course Correction to Compete'

FierceBiotech presents its 2011 Women in Biotech picks.

Negotiation Know-How

The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses negotiating tactics for women in academia.

A Different Take

One blogger says STEM attrition in higher ed is not all bad news.

Not For Lack of Trying

Readers react to a Science Careers article discussing issues related to STEM careers.

Location, Location, Location

A blogger debates the merits of staying at one institution versus moving, both before and after earning a PhD.

Heed the Warnings

An essayist wonders why some grad students seem 'incapable of hearing' about poor job prospects in academia.

NSF: Dip in Overall Doctorates in 2010, but Biology on the Up

According to the National Science Foundation, the number of doctorates awarded in the US declined in 2010, though the biological sciences saw an increase in awarded doctorates. [More.]

'Flocking to the Same Field'

The New York Times examines why biology is the field of choice among most women in the STEM areas.

Blogger: STEM Ed Is Exclusive

A blogger outlines 'five reasons why your child won't be a scientist.'

Study: Some Professors Can't Be Bothered

A new Leadership Foundation for Higher Education-commissioned survey suggests some professors don't live up to their role as advisors.

Patience and the 'Not-in-the-Lab' PI

A blogger reflects on setbacks he experienced as a bench scientist in order to be a more understanding PI.