Careers - Page 19

In Defense of the Academy

One blogger playfully outlines the perks of working in academia.

Women Wanted

A blogger suggests ways to attract women to work in STEM fields.

Day in the Life

One blogger outlines 'life as a staff scientist.'

The Hardest Soft Skill?

Facilitating and managing meetings is a tough skill scientists should cultivate.

Efficiency Tips

A blogger shares time-saving tips to increase lab productivity.

Replication Over Citation

A blogger suggests the community ought to assess researchers' productivity based on the reproducibility of their results.

Back-Up Plans

PIs ought to prepare for the possibility that their grants go unfunded, a blogger says.

Personal Ethics, Professional Etiquette

A blogger contemplates how researchers are affected by unsavory actions of other scientists.

Academia to Industry, One Step at a Time

At the Science Careers forum, readers discuss making a smooth transition from one sector to another.

'Weed Out' the Diversity?

Respondents to a Bayer Foundation survey said that "weed-out" introductory science and engineering courses hinder diversity in those fields.

Some Early Career Advice

A new guide shares tips for young investigators on "charting a course for a successful research career."

Outside of Academia: Helge Gunther, Scientific Translation

What began as a side project to supplement her career at the bench eventually became Helge Gunther's full-time profession. As a freelance translator of scientific texts, Gunther works past midnight whenever she pleases and keeps current on research trends by reading — a ton. [More.]

Reviewing Her First Review Article

One blogger reflects on writing her first literature review article, and shares tips for other young investigators.