Visualizing a 'Crisis'

In an infographic, Online PhD charts the course of what it calls the job crisis for PhDs.

Good News for Some Grads

While unemployment varies by field, graduates who've landed jobs are earning higher starting salaries than before.

In Defense of the Academy

One blogger playfully outlines the perks of working in academia.

Women Wanted

A blogger suggests ways to attract women to work in STEM fields.

Day in the Life

One blogger outlines 'life as a staff scientist.'

The Hardest Soft Skill?

Facilitating and managing meetings is a tough skill scientists should cultivate.

Efficiency Tips

A blogger shares time-saving tips to increase lab productivity.

Replication Over Citation

A blogger suggests the community ought to assess researchers' productivity based on the reproducibility of their results.

Back-Up Plans

PIs ought to prepare for the possibility that their grants go unfunded, a blogger says.

Personal Ethics, Professional Etiquette

A blogger contemplates how researchers are affected by unsavory actions of other scientists.

Academia to Industry, One Step at a Time

At the Science Careers forum, readers discuss making a smooth transition from one sector to another.

'Weed Out' the Diversity?

Respondents to a Bayer Foundation survey said that "weed-out" introductory science and engineering courses hinder diversity in those fields.

Some Early Career Advice

A new guide shares tips for young investigators on "charting a course for a successful research career."