Careers - Page 17

From the Bench to the Board

A blogger discusses moving from research to the corporate world, and people's perceptions of PhDs.

Assistance for Post-Assistant Professors

A blogger says mid-career scientists need mentors and advice as much as their junior colleagues do.

Chalk Talk 101

A blogger outlines tips for giving a great chalk talk.


A former academic known for his studies of work-life balance has been convicted of misdemeanor sex abuse.

On to Management

In a Nature profile and at his blog, EBI's Ewan Birney discusses his upcoming career change.

Not So Traditional, After All

The National Institutes of Health's Intramural Training and Education blog discusses a study that shows that a tenure-track position is no longer a top career choice for students.

Future of the Force

A report from the National Institutes of Health Advisory Committee to the Director discusses the future of the biomedical workforce.

A Separate Pot

A blogger advocates setting aside separate funds for early-career investigators.

Posters, Please!

One blogger says the poster session is the heart of a great meeting.

Proposal Prep

A blogger shares tips for crafting successful research proposals.

HHMI Names 28 Recipients of $20 Million Total in International Early Career Scientist Awards

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will fund each awardee $650,000 in total support over five years. [More.]

People Over Projects

One blogger says the company young scientists keep matters much more than the project they choose.

Somebody's Gotta Do It

A blogger outlines the role of a project manager.