Careers - Page 13

Cash-Strapped During Conference Season

Some grad students carry balances on their credit cards while awaiting reimbursement for attending academic meetings.

'A Symbiotic Relationship'

The Philippine Star highlights the contributions of PhD students to academic research.

Postdoc Pointers

A blogger shares tips for new postdocs — on choosing a project, publishing, and more.

Not Like it Used to Be

A biotech executive tells the Wisconsin State Journal that the industry has changed greatly in the last 30 years.

Worthwhile? Depends What You're Looking For

A blogger discusses the merits of postdoc positions in industry.

Make it Happen

A career counselor proposes reasons why postdocs may feel misguided by their mentors.

Professor: Old-School Approach Squelches Innovation

One PI says that caution has all but replaced creativity in academic science.

Q1 Hiring Boost

A search firm has found that global hiring within its life science index rose 3.7 percent in the first quarter of 2012, Pharmalot reports.

Financial Aid

More Americans with PhDs and other advanced degrees are applying for food stamps and other government aid than in years past, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

All About PhDs

Researchers outline the career preferences of science PhDs in PLoS One.

Innovation and Balance

Support for women in science needs to include policies to help balance work and family life, one writer says.

Degrees of Significance?

Who is awarded most National Institutes of Health funding: MDs, PhDs, or MD/PhDs?

Plan and Prepare

Navigating the so-called two-body problem is tough, but not impossible, a consultant says.