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Growth Spurt

An NSF report shows that graduate enrollment in science and engineering programs has grown 'substantially in the last decade,' with women and minorities leading the charge.

Industry Insights

The Scientist presents its list of the best places to work in industry.

Resubmission Review

The Center for Scientific Review reiterates how it defines a new application in the context of an unsuccessful resubmission.

Wellcome Trust Accepting Applications for Two Clinical-Focus Postdoctoral Training Programs

The foundation this week announced that it is accepting applications for two postdoctoral training program schemes, both with a clinical research focus. [More.]

A Balancing Act

Teaching, research, and service all compete for academics' time. Here, a blogger shares tips for managing the three.

'Presidential Innovation Fellows' Seeks to Connect Public, Private Entrepreneurs to Deliver Data-Driven Results

The Obama administration seeks applicants for its on-site fellowship program, which aims to improve healthcare data access, among other things, and is set to launch in July. [More.]

Cash-Strapped During Conference Season

Some grad students carry balances on their credit cards while awaiting reimbursement for attending academic meetings.

'A Symbiotic Relationship'

The Philippine Star highlights the contributions of PhD students to academic research.

Postdoc Pointers

A blogger shares tips for new postdocs — on choosing a project, publishing, and more.

Not Like it Used to Be

A biotech executive tells the Wisconsin State Journal that the industry has changed greatly in the last 30 years.

Worthwhile? Depends What You're Looking For

A blogger discusses the merits of postdoc positions in industry.

Make it Happen

A career counselor proposes reasons why postdocs may feel misguided by their mentors.

Professor: Old-School Approach Squelches Innovation

One PI says that caution has all but replaced creativity in academic science.