Clear the CV Cobwebs

Been a while since your last résumé update? The American Chemical Society has tips.

'Honorary,' Indeed

The University of Birmingham has withdrawn its advertisement for an unpaid research position after critics voiced concern.

Personal, Professional

A blogger shares tips for making the transition from academia to industry. Bottom line? Separate personal from professional.

Tilghman: Time for NIH, Universities to Step Up

In a live chat hosted by Science Careers, NIH Biomedical Workforce Working Group co-chair Shirley Tilghman outlined her committee's recommendations.

Picturing US-Trained PhDs' Paths

NIH's Sally Rockey breaks down data from the Director's Biomedical Workforce Working Group issued a draft report in an infographic.

Part of the Process

A blogger suggests becoming familiar with the patenting process before working with patent attorneys.

Coalition on the Academic Workforce Report Highlights Low Pay, Lack of Support for Part-Time Faculty

Tabulating the results of a fall 2010 survey, the coalition found that members of the contingent academic workforce earn low per-course compensation and face a lack of professional support. [More.]

Star Qualities

One researcher suggests the community re-evaluate how it conceptualizes what makes a star scientist.

NIH Advisory Committee to the Director's Biomedical Workforce Working Group Issues Draft Report

The US National Institutes of Health Advisory Committee to the Director's Biomedical Workforce Working Group has issued a draft report, in which it reviews data collected and issues recommendations for NIH follow-up. [More.]

Wellcome Trust Names 22 Recipients of its New, Senior Investigator Awards

Among the newly named awardees are three New Investigators and 19 Senior Investigators, eight of whom are working together are part of joint awards. [More.]

Pew Charitable Trusts Names 22 Early-Career Researchers Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences

The newly named scholars will each receive $240,000 over four years to pursue the research of their choice without restriction, the charitable organization says. [More.]

An Additional Consideration

A new study shows that academics who choose to stop their tenure clocks earn less than their colleagues who do not.

Sex Differences in Docs' Salaries Persist

A new study examines salary differences by gender in a 'relatively homogeneous cohort of physician researchers.'