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Insider Advice

'Enough of costly advisory committees,' say two bloggers, outlining their suggestions for keeping women in science.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

Bloggers comment on a recent Washington Post article reporting on a job shortage for bench scientists.

DuPont Names its 2012 Young Professors

Nine early-career researchers, including some who are working in genomics, are being awarded a total of $675,000 from DuPont through the company's Young Professor program. [More.]

Branch Out

A blogger suggests grant applicants speak with program officers other than their own.

New Wellcome Trust Competition Aims to Let Public Play with Biomedical Research

Through a new initiative, the funding organization is soliciting ideas from biomedical researchers for video games based on their doctoral work. [More.]

Meet the Scientists

The San Diego Union-Tribune this week profiles seven local female scientists.

But Where Will They Go?

While the US calls for more PhD scientists, many still struggle to find jobs in their chosen fields.

Directors' Directions

A blogger discusses the pros and cons of academic directorships.

Some Postdoc Interview 'Don't's

Failing to read up on a lab's current work before interviewing there is a definite no-no, a blogger says.


When it comes to exit interviews and resignation letters, one blogger says it's best not to say more than is necessary.

Clear the CV Cobwebs

Been a while since your last résumé update? The American Chemical Society has tips.

'Honorary,' Indeed

The University of Birmingham has withdrawn its advertisement for an unpaid research position after critics voiced concern.

Personal, Professional

A blogger shares tips for making the transition from academia to industry. Bottom line? Separate personal from professional.