Many Paths of Academia

There are different types of jobs in academia, but you have to figure out which is right for you.

Which Way to Lean?

Some people tell women in STEM fields to 'lean in,' but some women say that style isn't for them, as NPR reports.

Gender Inequality in Biotech Boardrooms

A report finds the women are underrepresented in biotech executive positions.

High Impact Papers Appearing More in Non-elite Journals

More highly cited papers are appearing in non-elite journals, according to an analysis by Google.

Challenges and Collaboration

FierceBiotech names its top women in the field for 2014.

No Position Guaranteed

A flood of postdocs is straining the scientific workforce training system, leaving a limited number of job opportunities at the end.

US, UK Schools Drop in Rankings

The Times Higher Education presents its global university rankings.

After the Postdoc

There are more postdocs in training than academic slots for them to fill, NPR reports.

Better Than Sobbing into a Glass of Wine

A postdoc describes the stages of grant rejection.

It's the Environment

A survey finds that women leave engineering jobs due to the environment in the office.

Just Start

A blogger offer tips on how to make the leap to leave academia.

Boosting the Biomedical Workforce

NIH is moving on efforts to address biomedical workforce needs.

STEM Degree to Non-STEM Job

Data from the US Census Bureau indicates that many people with STEM bachelor's degrees work outside STEM fields.