STEM Degree to Non-STEM Job

Data from the US Census Bureau indicates that many people with STEM bachelor's degrees work outside STEM fields.

All About You (Almost)

To find a good adviser, search for one who is interested in your career.

Survey of Harassment, Assault at Field Sites

A survey appearing in PLOS One examines prevalence of sexual harassment, assault at field sites.

Meeting the Numbers

More US students appear to be pursuing STEM degrees.

Leaks in Diversity of STEM Pipeline

To increase diversity in the STEM fields, a pair of researchers examines leaks in the pipeline.

All in the Mentoring

Scientific mentors should not only teach how to conduct research projects but also expose trainees to various career paths.

For Fairness

The US National Institutes of Health is working to make peer review fair, says Richard Nakamura, the director of the NIH Center for Scientific Review.

Where Are They Now?

The immunology department at the University of Toronto surveyed its graduates to determine the career paths they are following.

Moving On and Up?

Moving to a more elite institution doesn't increase scientific performance, a new study finds.

Time to Independent Awards

At her blog, NIH's Sally Rockey highlights programs for new investigators.

Indian Students Turn to US Grad Schools

A new report says more graduate students are coming from India.

Try, Try, Try Again

The US National Institutes of Health alters its application submission policy.

Funds for Tenure

An anonymous academic argues in the Guardian that biases in the grant review and related processes make it difficult for women to get promoted.