When Boring Is Good

NBC News takes a look at genetic testing.

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Dr. Green's comment should be

Dr. Green's comment should be in bold face font !

Folks are entitled to spend

Folks are entitled to spend monies as they see fit. However, if media pretend to anything other than entertainment, it is incumbent on them that they make some attempt to be informed. In the seven years of 23andMe's existence, the promise of gene prediction has steadily declined across the whole of human biology. Within the last year alone, researchers mostly at the Broad Institute have demonstrated that as many as 98% of previously identified disease connections to genes are wrong. Just wrong. At about the same time, other work demonstrates that our assumption of a personal genome is also likely wrong. So which "me" did Ms. Snyderman have on her tablet? Her skin-me? Her blood-me? Her liver-me?

The closer we look at our genes, the less they tell us. Save your money for your kids' education.