What's in a Name?

A paper in PLoS Computational Biology examines the use of the word "bioinformatics" and what it can tell us about the state of the field.

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Infancy in 1996? It was

Infancy in 1996? It was coined I believe in 1982 and most of us doing it through the 80s certainly called it that.

There seems to be to still be

There seems to be to still be this lack of understanding on the part of policy makers and lack of full utilization of all that the field has to offer in a cohesive form. Everything is segmented that even the bioinformatics service provides can't bring into a good case of presentation. The field is so huge and to solve an immediate analytical problem could pretty much require having a set of skills that aren't immediately available to a small team or firm. The expectations go high and so does the excitement only to be met with under delivery. This serves as a strategic penalty that translates into seemingly a failure if we don't carry in our approach am appreciation of bioinformatics capabilities and limitations. I am talking from my experience and place of work environment