What to Do With the GWAS

Researchers discuss GWAS, common variants, and risk.

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meh.....we already knew this

meh.....we already knew this

Agree! Any one who knows

Agree! Any one who knows anything about genome wide studies already knew all this. If anyone has any sense, one would also know that you can't put all your eggs in one basket, and that BOTH approaches will be necessary, depending on the phenotype or genetic scenario. These articles representing "opposing" camps is NEJM's juvenile approach to generate more readership through a sensational topic. Do these commentaries really move science forward by creating more conflict? Seems to me someone should try to get everyone to play together and combine efforts in this field. The GWAS studies have launched the field of genetics into next level, both from a scientific and public awareness perspective. Why bring that down with these useless debates. Bottom line is we need both approaches to get the job done!