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In Science this week: disease-associated variants found near regulatory DNA, a gene mutation in epilepsy-associated autism, and more.

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It is interesting that a

It is interesting that a venerable old technique, mapping DNAse I sites in chromatin, comes back to be so useful. I wanted to postdoc in Boston about 1980 so I figured I'd go talk to the folks there and find someone who was doing stuff that I could learn and find a career in. I talked to Sally Elgin about her interesting work but she told me she was moving to Wash U in St. Louis, because her work didn't make her tenurable at Harvard. I think they lost a great scientist, but Wash U got someone great. Her students at the time were very good too. My eventual postdoc was a great experience, and my mentor had used the DNAse I technique as well, and still studies chromatin structure, enhancers, silencers, epigenetics, etc.