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In PNAS this week: a genotype, a recession, and parenting; genetic diversity in Poecilia formosa; and more.

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I really doubt the validity

I really doubt the validity of the first study (The Great Recession, genetic sensitivity, and maternal harsh parenting) and if I were one of the reviewers I would question the authors for the following points:

a) why did you choose the dopaminergic pathway and rs1800497 near the DRD2 gene as the surrogate for the so called "genetic sensitivity"? did you do any other tests, e.g. using the other several hundreds of thousands of GWAS SNPs?

b) how can you be so confident about the accuracy of the survey/questionnaire based phenotypic information that you are doing statistical analysis on?

c) did you adjust for influences by the fathers? if yes, how?

d) I never see an author-list like that, please rearrange so that at least no corresponding authors in the middle of two non-corresponding authors.