The War of the Sequencers

One part of the battle of the sequencers is marketing.

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Well, Illumina additionally

Well, Illumina additionally has one not so obvious advantage. Many of former users of Sanger sequencing machines remember too well the times of absolute ABI monopoly characterised by certain (sorry to say) arrogance. This was most visible in pricing of spares and consumables, service and support, etc. Those of us would now rather prefer relatively uninown Illumina over the trip to the unpleasant past with ABI.

This is a battle that will be

This is a battle that will be won not be cost per base because btoh will ultimately be so inesxpensive that it will not matter. This battle will hinge on the ability to manipulate data.

The above comments are well

The above comments are well said.

My experience with ABI is not that pleasant, either. The pricing of the spares and consumables, the post-sale service, the ability to manipulate data (lacking proper software to analyze the basic data or you have to pay a lot of money).

No experience with Ion Torrent yet. Glad there are now big competitors.