Visualizing a 'Crisis'

In an infographic, Online PhD charts the course of what it calls the job crisis for PhDs.

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No job in academics may not

No job in academics may not be a bad thing for Ph.D, it can be a great opportunity for both Ph.D and American economics. Ph.Ds are the best educated people, they are smart, hardworking, and have ability to learn and do almost anything. When they are forced out academics, they will find way to use their analytic and scientific skills to make living in commercial world. If we can force more Ph.D out of academics, we will have more smart people participate in the new business creation for America. I was a Ph.D had failed career in academics 15 years ago, I was forced to start my business, which was the best thing happen to me and I have become a successful entrepreneur. Now I am starting my second company trying to bring the recent advances in sciences to create products for everyday life. I know the majority of Ph.D can do what I have done. They just need a push. No job in academics is a good push.

The followup comment is

The followup comment is simplistic at best. At the same time as this is happening, large pharma is severely trimming R&D budgets, and also Wall Street continues to reject biotech startups. Entrepeneurship is indeed fine, but there has to be investment capital to support it, and there is not enough of that either to support all newly minted PhDs. This is part of a much larger problem, of maintaining adequate investment when economic weakness demands increased consumption instead. The same dollars don't support both, it,s a balance and investment is in retreat in the US.