The 'Ugly Stew' of Science and Politics

There's a gulf between the expanding influence of science in human life and human understanding of it.

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Science--the systematic,

Science--the systematic, dispassioned exploration of the material world by experimental guidelines--may be mastered by a second grader. Not all of these second graders will grow up to be professional scientists. And that fact certainly does not preclude them from intelligently participating in politics.

No, it does not preclude

No, it does not preclude them. That is, if they remember why science matters. And, if they resist the siren call of mass propaganda telling them fantasies about the physical world. Unlike comforting bed-time stories they had heard as second graders, science can be troubling as well as fascinating.

In the UK there is an

In the UK there is an organization dedicated to correcting the problems of ignorance and misunderstanding of science by politicians and the public. It's called Sense about Science and you can find its website at .