Tweeting Sequestration

Collins asks to hear about NIH sequestration's impact.

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What is pathetic is beggars

What is pathetic is beggars who get angry at you for not giving them money. That is obnoxious even if one has money to spare but fact is, I don't have any money. And it gets to be offensive considering my transgession is to give you "only" 9.50 instead of $10.

You think the person standing before you is a "once in a decade" student? Tell the grants admin to take some of your salary and give it it to the grad student. Lots of people have taken cuts in their pay in this poor economy. Join the club. Tell your whole lab they'll have to be more efficient is their use of all resources to make sure there is enough for everyone, including the new student.

Pretty funny taking credit for keeping others employed by spending money that isn't yours. Maybe if scientific supplies and equipment weren't iniquitously expensive there would be enough money to go around. Oh and why are those prices so inflated? Because the researchers making the purchases are spending someone else's money, not their own. Could be a little belt tightening will be the best thing that ever happened to the economy of academic science.

I'd tweet all this to Francis but I find that real life is more complicated than can be reflected in 140 characters.