They Slipped Through

Science's John Bohannon finds that more than 150 open-access publishers accepted a fake, fatally flawed manuscript, apparently without much peer review.

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Man, sooo many flaws in this

Man, sooo many flaws in this "study" - shame on Science for getting this published!

No non-OA control, sample biased in favor of known predatory journals and against reputable journals without page charges, biased conclusions...

Is this what passes for science in the closed-access journals these days?

Patrik, I think you missed

Patrik, I think you missed the point. Science didn't publish this, but instead it was an article in Science on how many open access journal would accept for publication such a flawed study-

There is a huge problem for

There is a huge problem for scientists and clinicians to sieve through the poorly written, poorly conducted/controlled studies out there. However, well-trained and initiated scientists should spot these quickly and ignore them by not citing them. Through a Darwinian selection these poor and fake data will die off automatically. Please do not expect what is published to be true. In fact most should be binned, and some even published in very high impact journals.
The truth will be known....

Prof. Fahd Al-Mulla

I fear a quite too slow &

I fear a quite too slow & inefficient selection process, which does not help other scientist actually reading such papers! It calls for a REALLY open access publication format, where readers are (intrinsically) part of the review process as it would be in a WIKI -format!