Testing Decisions

A little education about genetic testing may help individuals decide whether or not to be tested.

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Regarding the genetic testing

Regarding the genetic testing of college students:

Informal family support for anyone whose genetic analysis uncovers serious disease potential is emotionally comforting but inadequate to deal with questions. How can family members adequately respond to specific concerns as these students find partners and consider starting families? Once worrisome genetic information is mapped there will be numerous times when the client will want to seek out the advice of a genetic counselor.

Until we have established an adequate professional network that is easily accessible, group testing could be creating is a huge services gap for clients who will have no recourse when questions arise. Without professional network in place, encouraging casual genetic testing has the potential to leave some confused, stressed and misinformed. After results are shared the tested individual could be concerned and counseled, but what about the extended family as they learn of possible implications?