Taking Budget Cuts to the Public

Budget cuts and sequestration are leading to layoffs, discouraging upcoming scientists, and slowing cures, UMR argues.

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Welcome to the real world.

Welcome to the real world. This is what other non-medical researchers have been suffering for more than 10 years. In Ag research, the funding for grants (NRI then AFRI and now?) has been stagnant; however, the push to more "collaboration" grants funded at higher levels has squeezed out the individual PIs. My Chinese collaborators are flush with $$, and while we are still competitive, this will change if the current mindset does not.

If these clowns can't handle

If these clowns can't handle a 5% cut without crumbling to pieces then they are incompetent and we should take away the rest of their funding.

While 5% might not seem like

While 5% might not seem like much one must realize that "25 percent that has been eroded out of NIH appropriations over the past decade due to inflation" (http://www.genomeweb.com//node/1322456). This is because NIH (and other grant budgets like the USDA) have been essentially flat over the past decade. Think about how much income you made 10 years ago and think how that would affect your life today if that was still your wage.

mcclure, what on earth are

mcclure, what on earth are you talking about, almost everyone is making the same salary in the private world, are you kidding me ? I would love my old salary back...