The Switch

A 23andMe test uncovers that a switch was made at an artificial insemination clinic.

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Stop the madness!

Stop the madness!

wasted time reading it... it

wasted time reading it... it is just a paternity test, why all this ad for 23me? crazy...

No, this is not just a

No, this is not just a paternity test. They would not have confirmed that it was the Lippert guy w/o the service linking into potential members. I am neither a proponent nor antagonist towards 23andme, but you have to admit that the smoking gun was revealed through the unique database at 23andme. "...Ashley, as the daughter is being called, had a predicted second cousin on her paternal side. Contact with that predicted second cousin established the link.

It is interesting and does

It is interesting and does have relevance. Think, do we want our genetic information or not? If so, there are potential discoveries about ourselves that can be made possible. This is a random example of one such benefit (though not a cheery revelation to discover at all). That is the whole point of this article in my view. Unveiling genetic info will lead to all sorts of discoveries about ourselves and family members. These things need to be thought about sensibly, and regulation may need to be imposed responsibly, while still preserving rights of the individual.