Supreme Court Hearing on Crime Suspects' DNA Looms

The US Supreme Court is to consider whether DNA samples may be taken from people arrested for a serious crime.

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Well I doubt if this Court is

Well I doubt if this Court is bright enough to evaluate the case based on the issues but based on the reflexive reactions the various memebers have exhibited in the past I suspect they will get this one right. Collecting and evaluating DNA from someone without a warrant or subpoena predicated on probable cause that the evidence is relevant to a specific case under investigation is morally offensive, unconstitutional and a police state tactic.

However, one should note that

However, one should note that taking fingerprints for exactly the same purposes in the identical circumstances has been accepted practice for many decades, without seeming morally offensive, unconstitutional, or a police state tactic.

Have they issued a deposition

Have they issued a deposition subpoena regarding this issue? I suppose they're getting with this solution anymore.