Stress, What Stress?

A top 10 list at Forbes says that university professor is one of the least stressful jobs for 2013.

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Well the assistant profesor

Well the assistant profesor years are no doubt stressful at major research universities but Forbes is very likely correct for the bulk of faculty, for whom tenure has already been awarded. Sure there is plenty of anxiety in clawing one's way into muckety muck status in one's field but there must also be plenty of serentity in knowing your family and future are secure whether you ultimately succeed in making a big difference or a small difference, or even having everything crumble in your hands in what was a nobe but mistaken effort. I wouldn't conceed the salary issue either. A Professor friend at a major research university makes more in salary than I ever made and more than my salary + bonus in all but my top 2 years in industry. Plus even when successful, people like me (untenured, industry) are at risk of politics, short corporate attention spans, a decade of global recession etc. Nowadays I make less than a starting assistant professor at said university. Sorry Mary, no sympathy for you.