The Sound of Inevitability

Speakers at MedCity's Converge conference say personalized medicine is on its way.

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No wonder these folks seem a

No wonder these folks seem a little slow on the uptake - they only talk to each other. Then again, they undoubtedly have to say something or else acknowledge their assertions have no basis in fact: after 50 years and trillions of dollars, we can neither treat nor predict cancer (or heart disease or dementia). Makes "personalized medicine" a bit difficult to implement.

HUH? Can't treat cancer?

HUH? Can't treat cancer? Since when? It's pretty predictable, at least in some syndromes too. I thnk you are being a little too negative.

Personalized medicine is

Personalized medicine is possibly the ultimate plan but what is being talked up is precision medicine. This is about understanding the disease - a precise diagnosis leading to precise treatment with appropriate drugs that are known to work in that siuation.