A Science 'Champion'

President Obama is a cheerleader for science in the White House, an advisor says.

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That would be good if he knew

That would be good if he knew what science is - and what it isn't.

While I believe that the

While I believe that the President’s goal to increase the number of K-12 teachers is admirable, his latest plan to eviscerate federally-funded science education programs at over a hundred agencies means that those very teachers will have less innovative and current science content to teach in their classrooms. Many of us in science education applaud efforts to consolidate and reinvent federally-funded education programs, but dropping this “reorganization” on the education community absent a clear plan to move forward – and absent the knowledge and input of many of the stakeholders involved – is deplorable [in my humble opinion]. It is also ironic to hear the President and others in government talk about the economic importance of STEM in general – and biomedical research in particular – yet thanks to the President’s FY14 budget, the National Institutes of Health [along with many other federal agencies] is ending support for K-12 programs. Where will these future innovators come from? And how can we ensure a scientifically literate citizenry, especially among those who do not go on to study science after high school? This does not seem to be the work of a science "champion." You can read more about the impact on NIH-funded programs here: http://nwabr.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/nih-science-education-programs-at-...