Right to Reorder?

A blogger considers whether it's acceptable for co-first authors to rearrange paper bylines on their CVs.

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Reordering author lists looks

Reordering author lists looks dishonest. Arrange your CV so that "first authorships" (sole or joint) and "other co-authorships" are listed separately, with your name in bold / underline in each case.

If the papaer includes a

If the papaer includes a formal declaration that "Fric and Frac contributed equally..." then the printed order is merely a physical necessity of typesetting, and it seems completely valid and not at all dishonest to reorder them for Frac's CV. Unfortunately it would likely incite the ire of some of your "peers," many of whom have formulae for your worth, like the study section members who aren't really qualified to evaluate your ideas so settle for counting up the publications on your list and sorting them into first author, other author, academy member co-authors, journal paper stock,...