Reframing the Privacy Debate

Eric Schadt discusses educating patients about privacy concerns in light of increasing use of genomic information.

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Well let's see, never mind

Well let's see, never mind race and sex, unattractive and/or overweight and/or middle aged and/or non-effusive people are discriminated against pervasively, every day. People with health and/or behavioral issues are being discriminated against at this very moment in employment, insurance and other opportunities. (It seems HIPPA wasn't written to protect patients, it was written to protect insurance companies and their affiliates). What has Eric Shadt ever done to protect them from discrimination? What does he think can be done? As long as people don't have to give a reason for their discrimination, or at least an honest reason, it will be inevitable and rampant. Never mind all that, every person has an ultimate right to privacy for their personal information. However much it inconveniences genomics researchers who think they deserve to treat the rest of us like specimens under their microscope.