Race and NIH Funding

A study commissioned by the US National Institutes of Health finds that black scientists are less likely to receive grant funding than white scientists.

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Since the bias is so clear

Since the bias is so clear the only question I have is how do reviewers become aware of the race of the R01 applicant during the review process ? I am struck by the under-representation of people of African heritage in science. From the abstract "Asian investigators were 16.2%, blacks were 1.4%, Hispanics were 3.2%, Native Americans were 0.05%, whites were 69.9%, and other/unknown were 9.2% of total applications". It is clear to me (I am white) that there is a systematic bias against these folks in science that must be addressed from the ground up. I have been wondering where there may be an opportunity for all of us to improve these pathetic and (to me at least) racist statistics.