Post-SCOTUS BRCA Litigation

If human genes are not patentable, then what is with these new lawsuits?

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"Although the SCOTUS ruling

"Although the SCOTUS ruling invalidated Myriad's 'composition of matter' claims, which covered the BRCA genes, it held that the company's 'method' claims, covering the techniques involved in the testing process and analysis, are valid under the law."

This statement is false. The lower court--the Federal Circuit--held that many of Myriad's method claims are invalid. That issue was not presented in the Supreme Court. Because it wasn't presented, Myriad's contested method claims remain invalid.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for pointing this out. We've clarified that paragraph.

The initial decision that

The initial decision that included invalidated method claims was itself overturned in a subsequent appeal. That court reinstated the original patents and claims. All claims that the Supreme Court did not consider are still in force. They do not need to affirm them specifically nor would they be likely to spare the time to do so.