Pondering Biotech's Future

George Church, Arthur Levinson marked the Smithsonian's "Birth of Biotech" exhibit with a chat on the future of biomedicine.

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Blackwell obviously

Blackwell obviously understands unlike Mr Church. Clinical medecine is not a nerdy science, you got soemone sick, entering a clinical system and you have to find some good lean methodology to fix him/her. Simple as that, all the nerdy shiat about 1000 genome sequencing, that's got to get out of the way, that's research sequencing... There is no clinical worth in this. Get less nerdy scientists, get you asses into pathology labs, waiting rooms and emergency care. DO youself a favor also, find new ways to look at prevention. Sure, you like your own little world but think globally and for the love of god, stop hyping your god damn research fro more fund money... no you will not cure cancer, get over that reality. To this day a PCR machine with 3-10 markers can globally do as much as any of your crazy genome work you call clinical.