Poli-Sci and the Rest Will Follow

Efforts to ensure that studies meet certain criteria could have wide effects on science.

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I'm going to guess that

I'm going to guess that almost all readers here highly support strong regulation of the food industry, banking industry, auto industry, energy industry; take your pick.. but like the workers in those industries... oh my! What does government know about MY business? How dare they try to influence us or how we spend other people's money!
Think about it. If we went to regulate ourselves... we better do a proficient and honest job that is fair to the taxpayers and in the society's real best interest.. not just our own.

Science is not an industry!

Science is not an industry! Science is a gift economy. Scientists (at least most of them) don't do science for their own best interest...

Food, banking, auto, energy -

Food, banking, auto, energy - add to that pharmaceuticals, healthcare, brewing, social interactions, psychology, roads, air transport - the list goes on and on. These and many others are all industries that utilize science as one aspect of their business. To the extent these industries must adhere to regulation - bacteria free food for example - scientists are regulated to the same extent as any other employee.

Science is an occupation, the second most respected occupation in the US, with firemen coming in first. Federal congresspeople come in 15th - dead last.

Perhaps Smith and Coburn simply want more company at the bottom, for their plans will certainly shove science in the US into the basement.