'The Pit of Hell'

A member of the US House of Representatives science committee tells a church group that evolution is a lie.

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It is still on

I wonder which political

I wonder which political party would do more to advance science in the next four years?
Ayn Rand or Che Guevara pick your poison... ;-)

Fools are allowed to be

Fools are allowed to be foolish in the U.S. Luckilly, the fringe fools on both sides are and always will be minorities as they are all over the world. The problem is they seem more powerful because they make the most noise whether they come from the bible belt or from Hollywood.

The fact that ignorance has

The fact that ignorance has no political allegiance should not stop us from calling out our representatives for being deliberately ignorant and/or lying about the current understanding of our origins.

Especially when they are charged with funding science in our country.

There is only one comment

There is only one comment that can be made and that comes from the often quoted phrase from Schiller, the German writer:
'Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.'
or in English:
'With stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain'.

My father used to say about such things 'Let them die stupid!'

However, can a nation as great as the U.S.A. afford to have someone like that in its legislature?

Karl A. Bettelheim

Is that the House

Is that the House anti-science committee?

Would make you weep... On

Would make you weep... On several counts. 1. he is a medic. (I wouldn't be going to him)! 2. presumably he believes this hogwash 3. he got voted in to office 4. people at the sports club actually listened to him? 5. this is the kind of view that holds humanity back, not advances it.

If it weren't so frightening,

If it weren't so frightening, it would be funny. This guy sounds like the character Bill Maher described in his fantastic "New rules" item "Karab Amabo".